Thanks for being here for my website launch and first blog! My name is Marissa and I run Desert Rose Jewelry. ♡ I thought I would take this opportunity to share a little about my life and Desert Rose Jewelry.

I moved to Spokane, WA about a year and a half ago from Denver, CO with my guy and a friend of ours. We absolutely love it here and just adopted a new pup who we named Kaya. Kaya's favorite things are getting love, cuddling and swimming.

Marissa and Kaya

Although I don't think I'll ever leave the mountains now, I've always been a desert girl at heart, since I was born and raised in Arizona. Can you guess yet what inspired the name, Desert Rose Jewelry? Well, I love telling this story!


My middle name is Rose, and I was always embarrassed about it because I was a silly little girl who thought it sounded like a 90-year-old lady. But as I got older, I had this realization that I should hold it close and be proud. After all, my parents created a human life and picked a name that they loved and that they felt best suited their little magical creation. Plus, realizing just how beautiful roses are and what they represent certainly helped me to grow fond of the name.

So, as I was starting my jewelry business in 2015, I came across a form of Selenite called Desert Rose, which is formed from a combination of water, wind and sand. Naturally, the name and beauty resonated with me, leading me to look into the crystal more. When I found out what the properties of Desert Rose were, it all magically fell into place.


•  Helps to overcome phobias and boost confidence

•  Helps one realize their strengths

•  Increases concentration

•  Strengthens decision making

•  Helps with creativity

•  Keeps one motivated in reaching goals

•  Brings prosperity in business

•  Teaches one that life is worth all of it's ups and downs

Desert Rose Selenite

A perfect addition to hold close on my new business venture.


Anyway, to tell you a little more about myself, I work for a software company in marketing, and I run my own social media consulting business. Social media can be quite time-consuming, but I have a lot of fun with it. My love for succulents is strong, as you'll see in my jewelry photos and social media sites, but I have to admit that I'm a much better dog-mom than plant-mom!

Other things that I love are crystals, hiking and other outdoor activities, yoga, house and techno music, and traveling. I've been really blessed to see many places aroud the U.S. and the rest of world, and I hope to do so much more traveling in the future. When it's not COVID-life, you'll probably find us traveling to techno shows. ♥

My love for travel, culture and yoga have definitely inspired my creativity and led me on this journey with Desert Rose Jewelry and mala beads. If you're interested in learning about mala beads, keep reading!


Malas are necklaces that are made of 108-beads and are used to set intentions, meditate, pray, or just to wear as a beautiful accessory filled with positive energy. There are different theories behind the significance of the number 108, which is considered a sacred number in Hinduism.

The beads are intended to be used to count your mantra or to count your breaths while meditating. The mala can also be used in yoga to bring intention into your practice by placing it at the head of your mat, allowing the mala to absorb the energy and focus of your movement.

All of my malas are made with natural gemstones, providing even more intentional healing and spiritual benefit. I always have ready-made malas on hand, but my favorite part of creating is making custom malas! If you have a specific intention you would like to focus on or have a physical, emotional, or spiritual ailment that needs some healing, I can research the best crystals to help with your intention. Even if you don't necessarily believe in the energetic healing power of crystals, I find that simply using them to help focus on the intentions you set for yourself can be very powerful!

I also do mala repairs, so feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page to inquire about a repair.

Mala Crystals Succulents


If you've read this far, thank you so much for being here. I am beyond grateful to all of my friends, family, customers and supporters for being a part of my journey and helping me do what I absolutely love!

I have a bunch of fun blog ideas, so make sure to check back in or subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated! And if you're interested in following my jewelry and puppy adventures, check out my social media links below.

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With love,

Marissa Rose